Crown Disposal & Community Recycling Are Becoming Part of Recology Los Angeles

We're excited to announce that Crown Disposal and Community Recycling are becoming part of Recology Los Angeles!

Throughout the coming months, we will begin bringing Recology's excellent customer service and recycling opportunities to you. For the time being, your service will not change, unless you request changes.

In addition, you will continue to use the same telephone numbers you have previously used to contact Customer Service:

  • (800) 633-9933
  • (805) 933-0100 (Santa Paula customers only)

Click 'Read more' below for Frequently Asked Questions about the purchase and rebranding.


About Recology Los Angeles

Recology Los Angeles sees a World without Waste.

We serve over 16,000 customers in the greater Los Angeles area. We partner with local organizations to ensure landfill diversion goals are met and to recover reusable resources that were once bound for the trash. For more information about recycling and diversion goals in the City and County of Los Angeles, please visit the following links: Los Angeles County Department of Public WorksCity of Los Angeles Bureau of SanitationCalRecycle, South Coast Air Quality Management District.

For more information about Recology companies, go to


Recology recycling bin.Resource recovery is the reclaiming of "garbage" materials for a new use. It includes collecting, sorting, and processing materials that are traditionally viewed as waste and transforming them into the raw inputs used to create new products. Recycling and composting are among the best known resource recovery practices.


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